VIDYA FRAZIER – Are You Suffering from Ascension Weariness Syndrome? – 4-2-18

A pretty good article, except bodies, don’t turn into “light” in 5D. They remain physical but will be more refined. When incarnating, the incoming soul and parents can choose the looks depending on the culture into which the child will be birthed. You can choose to go into the Light, but you will have to be at a higher density/frequency than 5D. This is but one of the few misunderstandings that lightworkers have about the higher worlds…

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If you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted these days, you may be suffering from what could be called Ascension Weariness Syndrome. Many of us seem to be passing in and out of a profound feeling of weariness as the ascension process continues over time.

It seems to include three kinds of exhaustion: physical/energetic fatigue, emotional exhaustion due to so much change and uncertainty occurring in our lives, and a profound weariness of waiting and waiting for something that doesn’t quite seem to be happening yet.

Physical/Energetic Fatigue

The galactic central sun is streaming positive energies toward earth.The physical fatigue many of us are experiencing on and off can be understood fairly easily if you understand that there are powerful emissions from the galactic central sun that are currently streaming toward Earth. They’re causing a number of different symptoms in people, but primarily fatigue—especially if we don’t pay attention to our bodies and give them the…

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