The Great Alchemy Of REALizing Our Selves

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

There is a moment in life when a realization occurs. Almost a realization of a realization. All that you have experienced has been a grand set up for a shift. A propulsion pack that is filled with charged emotional energy that is meant to rumble and crumble the ground upon which you currently walk. Really it is the ground a part of you has created in order to survive the trauma and the drama.

Your voice may feel as if it has been cut off, your lungs constricted, your truest heart and spirit kept in another room, another dimension for safe-keeping. You have known this to be true. It was always a niggle, but now it is becoming an unignorable knock on the door. Your soul, your Service of Love Self, is asking to come home. Home to your heart, your mind, and your body.

Your galactic family is reaching…

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