No More Sleeping

On a Higher Spiritual plane, Intervention with primitive life forms is strictly frowned upon, if not forbidden. To break such laws is to fall from grace… and Heaven.

Such is how Angels fall… and become Demons.
Yet Angels, for all their wisdom and Glory cross boundaries and break these laws, too…

If decreed by God, then this is Divine Intervention… Then it is flawless and noble. But this is a process orchestrated with the cooperation of every rank of the Higher Beings of Heaven… from the ranks of the Angels, from the oldest to the newest… A great deal is coordinated… If decreed by God, Divine Intervention never fails…

But… If Intervention takes place on the behalf of a sole Angel, acting independently on its own… then things can go terribly wrong. Then there are no Fates or Wheels to guide things… and chaos ensues… Hence the state of the…

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