Your Dream



You may be feeling a bit shaky after this Full Moon’s intense clearing energy
You may be asking yourself a lot of questions about your life.
Looking back up to where you are now you may be feeling frustrated you are not where you would like to be..
Youve been through a lot
You may have wished you have done certain things otherwise
But absolutely everything you went through has made you who you are today
Wiser, more humble and therefor kinder and
Definitely richer in experience
There should be no regret nor frustration
You are unique and your experiences are an important part of have learned so much
You stand at a point where you would like to see yourself move closer towards your dreams but you may feel you have lost your confidence
Be easy on yourself
Be proud of who you are and all you went…

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2 thoughts on “Your Dream

  1. Finally, Sunny! I “stumbled upon” your blog site. My resistance to Ascension has taken me to many 3D consequences, including a fatalistic ‘giving-up’, a steady breakdown of my physical body, and the grudging recognition of getting old. It’s like going downhill- you pick up speed. Hopefully I can curry up some resolve to get back on the 5D track and be a Light bearer again.
    Happy to be with you again. Love and Light! Bill Gallagher (awol Cosmic Messenger)

    • Life is filled with many ups and downs. Hopefully, we all learn from them. Remembering that you are not your body is a big one, a fact that our 3D ego doesn’t always do well with. However, it is a fact that these vehicles are subject to wear and tear. Do not feel that you have “failed” if your body fails. Many lightworkers, even starseeds, may actually be leaving their bodies as the frequencies go higher, in order to reincarnate in newer, higher frequency ones that are fully aligned with the new energies on Earth/Gaia.

      Glad you “found” Blue Dragon Journal once more. We’ve always have been in the same place, but as you may note the content has changed greatly since my sister, Tazjma completed her “walk-out” and returned Home through reblending her soul essence here with her Higher Self. Her method of ascension did not involve taking her physical body anywhere. In turn, I walked in since the physical body is still viable and will remain here on the planet for the next ten to twenty years. You can read more about our process under my Line Commander Sundeelia page and at my sister’s website, The Starseed Highway, under the page marked The Pleiades.

      You have come far, Bill, so don’t feel bad about your efforts.

      I hope Spring finds you outside enjoying the birdsong, flowers and new leaves. Sometimes it is the little things of life here that mean the most.

      “Sunny” VaCoupe aka Eliza Ayres

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