Who Cannot Be Right or Mistaken? | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Because you think someone else, your son or daughter, for example, ought to do something the way you believe is right, no matter how sure you are, be cautious about taking over. To mention your view is one thing. What anyone else ought to or should do from your view is beside the point. Someone else’s life isn’t fair game to order around.

Of course, you are well-meaning. You believe you know better. You cannot know. You cannot know because you do not perceive the deeper waters. You don’t know all the connections and all the whys and wherefores. You may be confident. Even so, you are flying blind. You do not know and cannot know all the behind-the-scenes’ activity. You do not and cannot know another’s road in life no matter how convinced you are. You see as you see. What you see as disaster may not…

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