Next Level Dark Nights And Profound Awakenings: Ascension Energies Update

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

The activation possibilities of your next level came in the last two weeks with the intense SOULar frequency geomagnetic storms (shifting YOUR magnetics and Gaia’s too) plus the winds blowing higher frequency SOULar light waves into your atmosphere. This was the marching quality of March…..marching in, blowing in, storming in just HUGE sometimes activations of your next level possibilities along with revelation of where parts of you may still have caps, stuck places, and resistances to these activations.

Following all this SOULar activity, you are receiving the illuminating lunar light of the FOURTH full moon since January. She is shining to allow for INtegration of all these activations. She is shining to hold space for the continual death and rebirth process that is Ascension. She is shining to provide a mirror for you to SEE what is next in both highest timeline possibility and what still needs…

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