Line Cmdr. Sundeelia – Ascension As An Inside Job


Line Cmdr. Sundeelia:  Ascension as an Inside Job

True spirituality blossoms forth from the seeds of devotion, humility, application, determination and will, perseverance, and a deep, deep abiding love for the essence of the Divine that exists within all Life.

One does not need a priest, a minister, a shaman, or an ascension guide to lead you to the Promised Land.  It exists within in a simple yet elegant place filled with mystery and simplicity.  It is Secret Chamber of the Heart, the location of the three-fold flame which burns in all those who are truly human.

Long ago, even before the final deluge that consumed the final island of Atlantis, the collective consciousness of humanity had fallen.  The unity consciousness and connection of the people to the world around them began to fragment, as well.  As humanity fell out of alignment with their connection to Source, source energy was compelled to withdraw.   As a consequence, the withdrawal of the Flame of the Divine within each person stopped just short of death itself, remaining in most individuals as a tiny flicker, a mere 1/16 of an inch high.  With the disconnection between soul energy and the Higher Self, the level of consciousness also dropped considerably.  The story of Adam and Eve cast out from the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the loss of divine connection.  The mentors of humanity also were required to withdraw due to the presence of Free Will.  Choices had been made whether or not humanity was aware.  Their evolutionary process had been hijacked, the people and the planet betrayed and hence the fall into relative darkness and pain.

Since the Fall, there has been a concerted effort by many positive forces to assist this planet and its people to regain self-mastery so they might be able to live as do other star nations.  This current ascension process is a culmination of a process that began even before the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.  And it will continue as the planet rejoins the upward spiral of this quadrant of creation, alongside other worlds and systems.

Few individuals know the true history of Earth as it has been purposefully suppressed.  Although ascension is a byword with the metaphysical community, it is not well-known by most of humanity.  The consciousness level of humanity still remains near or at the level after the Fall.  Even today, there are many people whose heart flames have yet to expand beyond this same level.  Thus, modern man still continues to experience a sense of separation and duality consciousness, as there has been an intentional disconnection between the Creator and man.  Who, what, where, and how that separation occurred is a topic for another discussion.

Since the consciousness level of humanity was a concern, it was felt that individual and soul groups of star seeds should incarnate upon the Earth to assist in raising up her frequency levels.  Although well-taught and prepared, when incarnation through the birth channel finally occurred, the Veil of Forgetfulness descended.  From the first breath, it was/is the task of each star seed to reignite the Three-fold Flame upon their own heart, work with others of like mind and heart or alone, depending on their journey.   The journey was a process of remembering “the mission”, why they were here, challenge enough given the density of the frequency here on Earth.  Many star seeds have been lost in the process, but those who won free, who have out of their own personal efforts risen above the dense frequencies… it is these individuals who are now acting as lighthouses of illumination for the masses.  They are blazing the trails (for there are many) that will lead others to the secret teachings of the Heart.

Understanding and even coming upon the awareness that there exists a Flame within the Heart Chakra indicates that one has taken a step along the path of spiritual understanding.  To realize that this Flame, which is felt as a warmth or heat within the chest of an awakened one, is tripartite, having three flames in one is a deeper understanding of this basic spiritual tenet.

In the simplest understanding, the Three-fold Flame is a representation of the Creator, the three-in-one, the Holy Trinity, also known as the Holy Family.  The blue flame represents the Masculine essence of God, the Will, Power, Authority; the golden-yellow flame represents the Christ Consciousness or Divine Intelligence, Wisdom; and the pink flame represents the Feminine or Mother essence of God, the Creatrix.  The Mother Flame contains the Love of God, which regards all of creation with unconditional love, compassion, and empathy.  The Fleur de Lis is an outward symbol of the inner Flame.

True spirituality lies in simplicity, of both content and approach.  It is not about belonging to a group, being popular, or being right.  It is not about defending your point of view as the only way to attain enlightenment.  I have discovered that in merely knowing about the inner connection that still exists between man/woman and their Creator, that one can advance on the Path of Initiation through devotion, humility, compassion, patience, acceptance, and most of all, self-love.

Each person who wishes to reunite with Creator, to come into unity consciousness and true abiding compassion for all life, needs to approach it with humility.  Many so-called teachers use catchy phrases and distractions such as saying that in order to ascend one must “find” their twin flame.  This is a major distraction and only one that is being put forth by the false teachers.

Each person who is serious about their soul development will eventually arrive at a place of understanding that ascension is an inside job.  And it is with the development and balancing of the three-fold flame where that growth emerges from within.  Only the person involved can judge how far they have come, what further work there is to do, by the emergence of a deep sense of completeness, inner completeness.  In other words, you cannot exist in unity consciousness until you have reunified with the Self that exists within your own heart flame.  This is the tiny spark of divinity that can be magnified into a great Flame with diligence and dedication.

The serious spiritual seeker may attend seminars, read books, follow a variety of teachers and the like, but the real work is done within through the balancing of the three-fold flame and the other chakras or energy centers that exist within the four lower bodies.  Just how long that work takes is up to the spiritual student.  It can take lifetimes of preparation.  How and through what approach the student uses to arrive at an inner balance needs to be determined by the individual by following inner guidance.  No one can do the work for you.

Despite the work involved, ascension or the rising up in frequency promises the seeker opportunities for new experiences.  Yet, always there are tests along the way.  It is not a good idea to get overly confident that you are “there” or have reached a place far beyond your other companions.  No incarnated person can remain in a physical embodiment on this planet beyond high 5D, given the current level of frequency planet-wide.  Those who have attained the etheric realms either go on to reblend their Higher Selves and return Home, work on the Ships of Light within the Galactic Federation of Light, or go on to complete other missions according to their soul contracts and evolution.

There are many misconceptions about just what “ascension” really is in fact, as related to both humanity and the Earth herself.  The Earth is returning to where she was before the Fall; so is humanity.  This is to allow the evolutionary process of the planet to continue as it was meant to be.  Those individuals who do not make the grade to remain on Earth will incarnate on another 3D planet until they have completed their soul lessons and can move up in vibration and frequency.  It is really as simple as that.

What life will be after the Earth completes her ascension?  Life will be easier, more pleasurable, but some of the things you may not have expected will continue.  Your bodies will be refined.  Most of you will still want to eat food.  Many will want to have families and children, although the roles of women as mothers and nurturers will be considered sacred once again, as befitting the bringers of new life.  There will be a new balance of energies between male and female, as well as between communities and expanding out across the planet.  Unity through the acceptance of diversity will become the norm. Communities will learn to work together.  Humanity will learn to work consciously with the planet.  Individuals will learn to work in cooperation with each other.  Life will be more flowing, more conscious, yet still offer challenges and choices. Earth will once, again, be the Jewel that she was meant to be, a great crossroads for interspace commerce.  Her magnificent Library of Life, the varied DNA of her inhabitants and life forms, will bring explorers and visitors from faraway worlds and star systems.

Do you wish to live on this New Earth?  Then, do your best to focus on raising your own inner frequency by doing your inner work NOW.


Line Cmdr. VaCoupe of The White Winds

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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