Driving behind death

This story sends shivers through my body. This woman knows how to listen and respond accordingly to the powerful inner guidance of intuition. She survived, others didn’t. It was their time to go home.

Renaissance Rogue

Driving home from the city, back to my cabin in the woods, I was careful of the wet road conditions.

My windshield wipers were swooshing full speed, as the rain drops began to obscure my view. The snow has melted in my area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The creeks began to over flow today, moving rocks and debris from the creek floor, onto the roads, creating dangerous driving conditions.

I was almost home, getting ready to turn onto my exit when I heard a strong voice shoot through my body, “STOP!” It was like soft thunder, rattling me enough to pay full attention, and so I carefully pulled off on the side of the road.

I stayed in place for 20 seconds, and I saw something I have never seen before, a dark moving deity. I can describe it as the known “angel of death.” I felt a black…

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