Depending upon Happenstance | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Yes, often days on Earth seem like skirmishes to you. You want more of a day, or you want less of it, depending upon happenstance and your view.

You are not always hard to please. I understand that you do deal with every day as best as you can at the time.

In retrospect, you may see alternate roads you could have gone down. You could have been less cranky and resistant to life. Some days, not every day, you could have been less thrown by life. About some days, you could have even come to shrug your shoulders and say: “That day wasn’t so bad after all.”

Of course, there are days you still mourn and wish they could be undone. You would much rather have days that don’t rile you. In some cases, you wish that you not rue your own deportment.

I would love to…

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