Ascension & the “Event” ~ March 22, 2018


Lot’s of folks out there are looking for, and waiting for…”The Event”. When IS this event occurring, and why is it taking so darn long to “get” here on earth? Please read her comment on this topic here:

“What is the so-called “Event”? Many Beings still don’t understand the invaluable meaning of personal experience. So often we wish to compare or project our own experience onto others or even the collective. However, whatever we are moving through as a sovereign Soul and person, is happening to us and not someone else. It is uniquely our experience, and it is our choice and our life. Only we have the navigation or guidance system within us that will move us through the experience. No one else has it for us. There is no comfort or knowing that can come through another, because after all we are each on a unique path set…

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