Archangel Gabriel’s DAILY MESSAGE ~ THURSDAY MARCH 22, 2018 ~ March 22, 2018


By Shelley Young

One of the greatest things you can do to shift your satisfaction with your life experience and embrace your creator self is to re-examine the circumstances of your life with fresh eyes and start making choices based on preference.

So first we highly recommend you stop and ask yourself what you would do if you did not know one person in the world. What would you do if there was absolutely no fear of judgment? If you had no one you felt you needed to please? If you knew for sure everything would turn out fine?

Now that you have some clarity about how you are denying yourself or holding yourself back, decide which elements you wish to bring forward with you in your life expression. This is the critical part. Make sure if you are bringing something forward due to a sense of duty, responsibility, or…

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