Mercury Retrograde, March 22nd 2018 ~ Love or Lust ~ March 21, 2018


By astrologyking

Mercury retrograde 2018 starts on March 22nd at 16° Aries and ends on April 15th at 4° Aries. Mercury retrograde March 2018 increases the potential for communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. Mercury retrograde 2018 conjunct Venus means more of your thoughts and communications will turn to matters of love and affection. There will be a focus on any communication problems you have with your partner or communication problems may arise if you are dating.

However, this is a good time for making new friends because of more more social interaction in your daily life. Mercury retrograde usually brings you into contact with old friends so Mercury retrograde 2018 conjunct Venus brings the possibility of meeting ex partners. New friends or lovers may trigger feelings of déjà vu because of your past life memories.

Mercury retrograde 2018 carries on a theme of sexual abuse and power…

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