Message from the Arcturian Collective – Magnetic Storms – 3-19-18 – via Galaxy Girl

Higher Density Blog

Arcturian Collective 3/19/18Greetings dear friends and fellow travelers of the light. We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to explain to you what some of you may be feeling in relation to the geomagnetic storms that are inundating your lovely planet Gaia, with light energy bursts.

Many of you have had fevers and unexplained fatigue. This is to be expected and celebrated, for it is a normal part of this process of inter dimensional cellular expansion and personal growth. Do not be concerned. Do not be afraid. We are here as healers and guides when invited on behalf of serving Humanity’s needs at this Now moment in time; and all you have to do is ask, friends.

For the energies are truly breathtaking and very high vibrationally at this time and to those of you who “feel everything” you will of course feel these things, these…

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