Observers Are Watching A Major Ascension Event In Our Galaxy – 3-20-18 – by Angel V. Ornedo Jr. @ In5D

Higher Density Blog


by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,  /  Guest writer,

Observers learn from our unique physical human form, from our teach-learn actions. Observers come from higher planes and thus are light beings who passed the third dimension route. They are routine you may not know it but they love our actions and ways of doing things gathered along our path to Oneness. Our illusionary form opens us to academic, practical experiences, right or wrong and dark or light. We are guided with a sudden spark of idea or thought from higher self-observers bringing new knowledge to the world thus preparing us to a higher evolved life.

From highlands, valleys, oceans and unique lands, we thrive and lived in different aspects of living. Life threatening, difficult events beyond our comprehension are hurdled and conquered, desirable for other light beings to observe or experience. That is the reason we volunteered to assist the…

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