9289196_origAs the Sun crosses from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere ,for a Moment in time it Stands Still exactly at the Mid Point – The Equator .

At this moment, The Magnetic fields of The Planet weaken , veils drop and a Portal / Stargate is opened to the Divine Galactic Centre flooding our planet with Diamond Light Codes allowing us to Transcend dimensions to higher Vibrational frequencies.

It is At this Point of Balance of Dark and Light, Night and Day, Masculine and Feminine, Physical and Spiritual, Heart and Mind that all polarities/ dualities are brought to the Balancing Point, The Still Point ..The Zero Point of Consciousness …the Point of Limitless Creation, the Point of Enlightenment.

A Still Point, A Balance Point, A point of Unity and Integration where pathways open allowing us to access to higher spirals of Time Space and Dimensions of higher Wisdom…

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