Thy Name Is Stillness | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Sometimes you wonder: Is Life just for a laugh? You’ve heard the expression – cosmic joke. This must be associated with time, comme ci, comme ça. What is Life, then, after all?

Beloveds, you know that sometimes you bend over in laughter, and, sometimes, you can’t even smile. Surely, you know that Happiness exists.

You call out to Me: “Dear God, please let Happiness be True.”

And yet you ponder. You ask Me in the Silence of yourself:

“Hey, God, there seems to be Happiness on Earth. If something is real, how can its opposite also exist as Truth? Confusion seems to be the pot I am in. If there is no space, how can I possibly be in or out of the in-crowd or anywhere at all?

“Hey, God, can there possibly be Words that exist for what of itself does not exist? I am in a…

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