Gifts from the Stars ~ March 17, 2018


Speaking of “hidden” new technologies, let’s be aware of this article from Starship Earth that brings to us new healing information that IS here now, but not readily accessible for most. Yes, things ARE going to change in our lifetimes, but…for the better, my friends!

Please stay aware of what is happening in our world, read this article of advanced healing, focus on your heart right now, and…


As a race, we have a lot to learn, and a lot to forget. The brainwashing and limiting beliefs will fall by the wayside as we absorb new ideas in science, mathematics, history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, medicine, and every topic under the sun.

We have obtained much from off-planet races, and most of it has probably not reached the public but we have been allowed a few morsels of new technology when it has served the controllers.

Over the years there…

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