ANASTACIA – BLUE BEYOND – ENERGY UPDATE – Accelerated Dark Night of The Soul – March Ascension Update – 3-17-18

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March Ascension Update

Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Past 24hours INTENSE RAPID AND ACCELERATED DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL – 16th March 2018  

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Last update shared: ”Well here it is, it is coming and it has already started!!

The energies are very elevated and high right now…off the ‘scales’ in the human” 

This is what was shared 24 hours ago as a wave of energy was coming through as it was happening

In the Human in real-time linked with Spirit, a HUGE WAVE (take note of that) of energy that came through due to the intensity of the New Galactic Energy opening now here that broke through recently – also with the breaking through of the Masculine dominant archaic control energies – as ALL changed from March 1st

~Refer previous The Blue Beyond Ascension updates and all of March which is a Trailblazers/Ascension Pioneers Timeline with and for humanity as a FIRST – of Spirit/astral self/Higher Self to the Human Soul in Real-time, compared to what else is being shared of ‘what will happen’~

Many have been…

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