Is ‘The Event’ an Innie or an Outtie? [video] ~ March 17, 2018


Top of the mornin’ to you, my friend! (To be said with your best Irish accent.) Starship Earth brings us a very interesting question with no real answer until the long-awaited “Event” actually occurs…or is it happening already?

The positive effects of  the “Event” have been long awaited by many who are tired of war and long for true peace on our planet. What will this feel like for we…the participants? What will we experience both in our outside world, and our inner world.

My expectation is that we will be in for an explosion of love both internally AND externally. None will be immune from this regardless of their location on Earth! Please read more of the post, watch the video that is attached, and prepare yourself for an experience you will not forget, and…


For Humanity, this is uncharted territory. Is The Event an inner experience, or…

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