The Storm Is Upon US & It’s Getting Stronger – Episode 1520b ~ March 13, 2018

The Deep State REALLY, really needs WWIII to keep the narrative going, to keep control of the situation, but nothing they’re doing these days seems to work. What is next on their agenda? Another attempted false flag, this time in the Middle East?


Let’s listen to X22 and learn more about the “Storm” the Earth is undergoing while humanity waits to spiritually evolve. Learn about how Trump is refining his cabinet positions to his liking, see additional evidence below, and…


US House Intel Committee says it can not find any evidence of Russian collusion. Trump is cleaning house, Tillerson and Goldstein are let go, others move into their place but most likely they will be exposed and removed. Russia will not give into UK ultimatum. The entire story does not make sense and their is no real evidence that the US or UK has produced that shows that Russia poisoned Skripal.Mattis arrives in Afghanistan to put together the peace talks. The deep state is regrouping in Jordan, making plans for their next event. The deep state is going all out now to start the next chaotic event, most likely this will be…

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