Solar Storms/Flares Amplify Bliss States AND March Energies Update

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Here they come! Solar energies from our sun and the Great Cosmic Sun streaming in to activate and to boost. There are HIGH solar storms churning out geomagnetic frequencies, reconfiguring Gaia’s magnetic field (flipping it around some are offering). Significant, pretty huge SOULar flares erupting out from our sun’s core too and ‘heading our way.’ Even the mainstream news sources are reporting about these activities (in their  ‘strictly’ scientific way, yet, somehow, you can feel the underground excitement.)

All this sun activity feels quite masculine….meant to create surges and even purges, meant to shake up and wake up, meant to (in a good way) churn and burn. This sacred masculine galactic energy that has been SO much more intense in the last year meets and matches and exceeds the wounded masculine inertia that had settled over 3D life. It can rumble the technology, the satellites, and the…

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