Lisa & Allison re: “Event” Analysis & Speculation

Winging with Whitehawk

Two interesting women in conversation about the event – I’ll say no more, see for yourself. Love… W

By the way (looks like I’m saying “more” after all), I have seen the film they mention starring Natalie Portman titled Annihilation, and it creates a horror around a phenom of a “shimmer” that starts sort of absorbing the planet and making a random mulch of all the DNA here, if you can imagine that. I don’t watch scary, negative stuff but was drawn into this one because of this shimmer phenom at the core of it. But beware, it is a pretty dark film.  W

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One thought on “Lisa & Allison re: “Event” Analysis & Speculation

  1. Thanks for posting this one… in my opinion, an excellent, fair, informative and fun analysis, especially the ending… ; )…. I’d say a wonderful surprise is something many of us are gearing up for to happen ‘soon’! Love, B.

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