Sandra Walter 3-12-18… “The Big March Event: Gateway of Divine Will”

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This is a very important article by Sandra, from my viewpoint. It very much aligns with what I have been sensing for some time, and continually encourage, that is, stepping away from all “old paradigm” being, and stepping into the “New Paradigm Higher Consciousness” BEing. Focus on “doom and gloom and the world is terrible” and all that old paradigm blah blah blah blah blah blah blah just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Be done with it.

I found this article very illuminating for our next phase of consciousness growth and expansion.

March 15-17 has been on our Gatekeeper radar since last December. This presented as an alignment of Cosmic Stargates, interacting with Solaris (the SUN) and enveloping Gaia in the consciousness-shifting, veil-dissolving frequencies. A complete infusion of high-frequency energies unlike anything that has come before.

“While this passage… is critical to those on the path of Ascension, it…

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