President TRUMP delivers remarks at the Make America Great Again. March 10, 2018

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[Kp note: pardon, I’m reposting as the first was posted without a title…]

I actually listened to this entire speech, and all I can say is, “We are indeed participating in ‘The Greatest Show in the Cosmos’!!” It is actually very refreshing to hear someone speaking as President of the U.S. who is not talking like a pre-programmed robot. I’m not sure if he even used any notes. Yes, there are many talking about what was said in this, and as often happens with DJT, he calls out the MSM, big time (including poor MSNBC Chuck Todd and Maxine Waters). Not my style of doing things, but in my view, this is one reason why he is here… to call out the deep state… BIG TIME!

A few points (hr:min) which I found significant (and/or entertaining) are below.

0:05 Talks about the Olympics, and North Korea. And how he’ll be…

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