Two 3-11-18 Videos that discuss the Latest Q Posts, from You Are Free TV and SGTReport…

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These are two that are quite short, compared to the Jerome Corsi video I will post after. YouAreFreeTV brings some fascinating points about the Angela Merkel / Hitler connection, and why this was arranged.

#Q 3/11: H_itler’s Daughter ID’ed, “N”WO Ideology Source Exposed #GREATAWAKENING

Published on Mar 11, 2018
Q’s big reveals this weekend can bury the de_p st_te if We, The People, ACT, engage and expose the Truth about the sadistic Gl_balist Nihilism that has been dominating our planet but is now being crushed by the Trump Team.

I will post the blog link citing the issues listed in this video within the next few hours.

Published on Mar 11, 2018
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Q Posts: [or use]

Q is dropping BOMBSHELLS. Including breadcrumbs which indicate that Angela Merkel, Germany’s treacherous leader, is part of the Nazi…

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