March 2018 Energy Report by Jennifer Hoffman| Enlightening Life

Forever Unlimited

March 2018 Energy Reportby Jennifer Hoffman| Enlightening Life

Mar 5, 2018 | blog, Boundaries, determination, March 2018, Monthly Messages, Spiritual Path, The Universe, transformation

A new month is upon us as we continue to speed down the ascension highway. It has been quite a wild ride so far and in the month whose name is the same word as that which describes forward movement, we’re going to see action this month, even though Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd. We have the Equinox, the new astro year, lots of Pisces/Chiron action (soul wounds coming up for healing), new beginnings with the start of a new astro year in Aries, and two full moons. But with all of this focus on movement March’s theme is action taken from a healed, whole, and congruent perspective, cutting off the loose ends before we forge ahead in new directions. Whew, hold onto your…

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