It Has Already Begun, The Central Bank Begins To Defend It’s Actions – Episode 1518a ~ March 11, 2018

Financial debt, the fetters by which the banking cartel has claimed ownership of the world is about to be shattered as the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, goes down in America…


Ah, yes…X22 is here to document the beginning of the end for our current way of life. Why do I say that? When various CEO’s and economic CEO’s of the Deep State bank begin to resign, this signals a change in the way money is handled.

When money is handled in a fair and equitable manner, think of the agony that you and I will NOT have to face regarding loans, mortgages, auto payment, medical bills, etc., etc. Our lives will become easier and much more enjoyable!

But wait! We haven’t even spoken about new technologies being released that will heal you  (smart beds), cook for you (robotic arms in kitchen, and transport you (hover cars, driverless cars).

This is all getting ready to start, my friends, so please listen to how this will start with banking (get rid of the Fed), watch this explode in other areas of your…

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