The cabal will not give up their agenda until they are completely taken down and that hasn’t been accomplished yet. Work in process… Be aware, there will be more false flags before the end of this.


Really…are we still talking about this? False flags so not go quietly into the night, it seems, so Isaac Green of Anti-School sums it all up. Actors (who confess to be an actor) need to ply their skill on stage somewhere, NOT in public places where their “influence” can be deadly.

Of course, typically, most anyone will do anything for the right price (fame, $$) So…please listen to this video, know what YOU believe, and…


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2 thoughts on “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ~ March 9, 2018

  1. Thanks so much for posting this and everything you do Eliza . I love Elliot ( Anti-School) and others on alt media he is teaming up with like Natasha -V ( preparing a court case for all of them now) you are FREE TV, Jordan at Destroying the Illlusion 2.0 new channel..Dr Jersome Corsi decoding the Q ANon posts. Love that they are coming together against the Cabal! You and Jennifer Hoffman..and me may be the only ones following closely that also are very much into disclosure and ascension as well..all aspects of the overall process and journey right now. Bless you, Suzanne (BasRA Kumara)

    • oops! I mean Isaac Green of course he is using the name Elliot Marxx right now for his new channel to evade the YT/google gestapos :0)

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