AMANDA LAWRENCE @ NEW EARTH NEWS – Preparation For Upcoming Wave – by Michelle Walling @ In5D – 3-10-18

Higher Density Blog


by Amanda Lawrence
New Earth News Correspondent


At the exact point of the forthcoming ‘LIGHT WAVE’, certain humans will serve as energetic node points across GAIA. They are positioned accurately. As energetic nodes, their light will link up across the WHOLE of GAIA as a HUMAN GRID SYSTEM. They came in, this lifetime to do this, for humanity, for Gaia, her kingdoms, the solar system and beyond (ripple effect). They know who they are, they serve the WHOLE, period. So this post is specific to those individuals:

After recent Trigger Point (spurring the ‘loving detachment’ phase), came a rest period.


Now we enter a period of SELF CARE and CLEAR OBSERVATION MODE, in order to be at optimum frequency at the time of the ‘LIGHT WAVE’. It is essential (and you know it) for this period, or will very…

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