ALLIANCE INSIDER: Rigged Bridges and Infrastructure to Trap Illuminati ~ March 9, 2019

Things are getting tense out there, folks. Be awake, aware, prepped and out of the way.


This is a fairly important video from my point of view. many thanks to KP for sharing this with us! For those that know humanity is facing a stiff challenge from the cabal at this time as their reign is ending, it is wise to stay prepared with extra food, water, and warmth.

So many are unaware of the situation on Earth at this time, it’s downright scary! While those of us who ARE aware are thrilled at the Earth being freed and KNOW that Love and Light will triumph…the unknown times are always downright scary!

So…time to get ready, know yourself is the key mantra, and…


I am listening to this now, and am going to post notes from this video as I listen, then will publish. My sense is this is one of the many very important and helpful insiders we are hearing from at this time…

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