Angels in White by Karen Vivenzio March 10, 2018

We Signed Up For This

People of planet Earth, you are rising up in vibration to a holiness you have not seen or heard of in many many nations. Stepping forward into the rebirth of a brand new way of life. Sharing and caring and holding the light. Loving tenderness is what is most needed at this time. Just as you would send love to a mother giving birth, hold now that intention for your sweet Mother Earth.
For she supports you and holds you every day and every night and she needs your healing and your support now – newness to flow forward in the Spring, when the flowers emerge, so will new blessings. Speak not of fear nor hold fearful thoughts, limitations are being removed, positive energy scarce. Shore up the blessings of blessed Mother Divine, and hold the light for your time to shine.
Speak not and want not, be grateful for…

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Kryon Explains How the Voice of Spirit Will Become Clear for the Lightworker

Kryon Explains How The Voice of Spirit Will Become Clear For Lightworker

Modern Galaxy
Channeled in Sarasota, Florida gathering, February 16, 2016
In this channeling, Kryon speaks about the increase in clarity Lightworkers will now have and how this will lead to a greater intuitive connection with Spirit. Kryon speaks about the changing Planet and how a higher functioning DNA will bring forward the Golden Age of Humanity.

X22 Report / Financial – POTUS Will Ask the People, “Do We Need the Fed?”

Do we need the Central Bank, the privately owned “Federal” Reserve?  I don’t think so… there are options which the banksters don’t want to you know about… Meanwhile, retail sales are off, credit is being cut off, the housing market is dropping… And now, the Fed is talking about raising interest rates quickly.  The banksters WANT the economy to crash so they can blame Trump.

POTUS Will Ask The People, Do We Need The Fed? – Episode 1517a

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Wholesale trade sales decline this is one of the biggest drops since 2 years ago. The Housing market is doomed, everything has been engineered away from the big banks to non-banks and when the crisis hits they will take the fall. Fed governor says QE unwind to slow that’s why we are seeing the market react the way it is, faster unwind will fix the problem. Cohn leaves the White House Blankfein leaves Goldman, coincidence, I think not. 11 countries decided to sign the TPP without the US. They are doomed in the long run. Soon POTUS will ask the people if we really need the Fed, the IMF etc. The people will decide where we go next.
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Mother of all


Coming Home

Divine Mother,

Mother of all form

Blessed be your expression through every mother on this planet. Every human being in form has been birthed from a mother, whether we have never known their form or however our relationship has unfolded.

May the infinite bonds of loving nurturing be healed and strengthened in the heart and cells of every Being. May both mother and father come in to wholeness in loving nurturing protection.

I offer infinite gratitude to my mother in this life, I honour your strength, sacrifices, love and kindness;
to each of my five children who are my greatest, fiercest teachers; to the biological mother of my Ethiopian daughter – I bow to you and thank you for the honour of being guardian of this soul ~ our Hearts are One;
to the mother who helped caretake my oldest daughter since she was six years old, an angel…

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Healing Extremes Of 3D Emotional Conditioning As Human BEings

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

The 3D, transitioning and UPgrading consciousness of so many humans, seems to become so immersed in extremes. Extremes are sometimes the only way to either deeply feel, often to the point of suffering and not feeling anything beyond suffering is possible, or to absolutely NOT feel altogether. Every individual journey is unique, yet many seem to either choose numbness or intense, overwhelming swims inside of their reactions, without a bigger them there to help find their way to healing shorelines. This is what parts of you can choose… and it is all based on what they are willing to feel or not feel, what is actually safe for them to feel or not feel in their current living/work/relationship situation, and if they are ready to come to true healing and the end of suffering without transcendence being used to avoid all pain in general.

We see and…

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Waking Up to the Matrix


We live in a world where reclaiming our sovereignty, our I Am, is rEvolution. Where we are conditioned to compete, conform and comply, self care is anarchy. To prioritise our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is to wake up from a trance state, a zombie slumber. Programmed through religion, education, culture and mainstream everything, we mistakenly believe primitive narratives for our existence. Waking up is asking questions as well as karmic release. It is following the white rabbit down burrows of lies to find nuggets of truth. To begin to assimilate a bigger picture of Gaia and humanity. To zoom out as well as inwards, examining, decluttering, seeking authenticity, micro to macro. Like any online game the matrix has foundations, core untruths that it’s existence requires we accept. These pillars of deception were built by the architects to enable control.

Here are some of the core untruths sold as…

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The Patriarchal Roots of Pedophilia — Exopermaculture

Pedophilia is a sickening practice that no doubt has confused American soldiers in Afghanistan — and elsewhere. No wonder they come home with PTSD. U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys I was sent the above 2015 New York Times article by Reader Rose, who commented, in reference to my recent post,…

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Simple Spirituality

Mystical Journey

I love the simplicity. I am a spiritual person but I don’t have all the answers. I fall. I get back up. I fall again. Thank goodness I have a large enough cushion in my back side because with all this falling down I would have broken something already. It’s okay to stand up for what you believe. It’s definitely perfect to set boundaries. You don’t have to know all the answers. Most of the time I don’t even know the questions. You just have to walk on faith and believe that things will work out. I have a 100% track record on survival since I am still here moving through life. Have a blessed day. Let your intuition be your GPS.

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The Event Part 6 ~ Suzanne Spooner & Ron Head

TAUK Messages

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited to share this new installment of my & Ron Head’s series on The Event. This series began in November 2013. Back then I don’t even know if anyone else was referring to “The Event” in those words. Ron and I were already meeting regularly to record QHHT sessions for our website Speaking with Self. To listen to our other Event clips, please click here. 

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AMANDA LAWRENCE @ NEW EARTH NEWS – Preparation For Upcoming Wave – by Michelle Walling @ In5D – 3-10-18

Higher Density Blog


by Amanda Lawrence
New Earth News Correspondent


At the exact point of the forthcoming ‘LIGHT WAVE’, certain humans will serve as energetic node points across GAIA. They are positioned accurately. As energetic nodes, their light will link up across the WHOLE of GAIA as a HUMAN GRID SYSTEM. They came in, this lifetime to do this, for humanity, for Gaia, her kingdoms, the solar system and beyond (ripple effect). They know who they are, they serve the WHOLE, period. So this post is specific to those individuals:

After recent Trigger Point (spurring the ‘loving detachment’ phase), came a rest period.


Now we enter a period of SELF CARE and CLEAR OBSERVATION MODE, in order to be at optimum frequency at the time of the ‘LIGHT WAVE’. It is essential (and you know it) for this period, or will very…

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