Beware the Ides of March… this is a date infamous as the day when Julius Caesar was murdered on the steps of the Senate. It was the beginning of Roman tyranny in the form of an Empire and the end of the Republic of Rome, although the people didn’t know it at the time. What does this date hold for the world now? Watch out for false flags for one…


Oh, it just keeps getting better and better! Next week should be a doozy with more documentation being released about treasonous activity from those in our government, more energies coming in from space, Trump promising a US and world currency that is gold-backed, and now a report issued by SGT Report that talks about the appeal of March 15 to the cabal.

This is primarily a financial discussion as that is what drives our world these days. Perhaps the Event will change all that? Just sayin…

We certainly live in interesting times so please watch this report, prepare for something spectacular in the near future, and…


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