The Event ~ A Crystallization of Love | Sophia Love

Rainbow Wave of Light


With each passing day I sense and tap into more information regarding what is happening for us now. Here’s a few more thoughts on the upcoming changes and how we can proceed through them with ease and success.

What is happening now, and in this conversation, is that my greater self sounds and feels
more and more like me.  So, this will be written in one voice to all of us.

It will be like the blink of an eye. Surreal and then everything changes. This is real.

It is a joining and recognition of all of you. Every component. This gives you your full force.

These coming times will not feel easy. They will be confusing and could appear frightening.  You know better.  It is why you are here now.

This event will come through and be experienced as a crystallization of love.  It will be a visual …

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