Team TRUMP vs. NWO Criminal Cabal: What’s the real intel telling us? ~ March 8, 2018

Some head-scratching material for those who are still wondering about Trump. Remember he IS the Master of the Deal. Do not believe propaganda. Seek original sources wherever possible for verification of truth and be willing to keep an open mind. All that is presented is not as it seems…


I had a conversation with a few friends “in the know” last week, and would like to share some of what they told me about the Trump administration and beyond.

by answersfromthegreat


This is some intel from friends and associates in the know. Take or leave what you want. There are breadcrumbs available for those who are looking. This is just a write-up for the time being.

There is a faction within the intelligence agencies and great deal of personnel in the military who have filled Trump and company in on the inner workings of the deep state. The deep state is only one faction of a large, international criminal cabal whose overarching goal is a one world system of government with the purpose of owning the entirety of the Earth’s capital and the ability to influence citizens of all countries to do that which is convenient for…

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