Going Yin: Writing A New Constitution From Within

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

So much unhealed masculine taking front stage in the collective. Maybe no more or less than in the past. It is just becoming so obvious in all the geopolitical rhetoric and turmoil. The Right vs. The Wrong. The Ahead vs. The Left Behind. The Truth vs. The Fake. It is wreaking its own havoc in the emotional and spiritual bodies of all that participate. I used to be so deeply involved in the daily mill of the Info Wars. I used to listen to talk radio programs that would send out a barrage of rage and abomination. I would end my days in my own swirl of undigested fear and anger.

This could have only happened because it reflected something in me. I was attracted to the war which parts of me were waging inside. In my disgust of all things political, there was the same disgust going on in…

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