Find then here…all QAnon posts ~ March 7, 2018

My long deceased husband was a metallurgist for a local steel company…before they shut down in the early ’80’s. I’ve seen the inside of an active steel mill, it’s a bit hellish, but the jobs paid well. We need to have our own American steel made here in the USA, once again so our homegrown industries will thrive. Think military hardware, boats, trains, autos and trucks… and buildings, bridges, railroad ties, and other bits and pieces of infrastructure.


I don’t have the time to go to the 4-Chan or 8-Chan board to find the latest “Q” drops, or the Anon posts made in response. But I have found a nifty way to track there posts. Mind you, there are no explanation’s of these posts (you’ll have to rely on many YouTube channels for that), but this is a good and easy way to learn the latest from “Q”.

I will show all posts made thus far below, but you may want to use this web address to find these in the future: This will make your personal investigations much easier!

So…please look through the “Q”/Anon messages thus far, learn all you can as Earth’s narrative continues, isn’t this a grand time to be alive in?, “and…


#internetbillofrights Q
SEC Test 2 Q
SEC Test 1…

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