Earth & Space Weather ~ Quinn Update, Australia Cyclone, Anomalies, and More ~ March7, 2018

A big, “Hmmmm,” on this one:


Surely you are aware of the “weird weather” out there all over the world right now.If not, this is a compilation of videos from the past few days showing us that what we expect is not what we

Currently 98P INVEST Showing signs of becoming a Massive Cyclone over the next 7 day. If the data stays true then we could easily see a land fall with 130-140 MPH winds, Follow up to be posted as more info comes in!

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March 7, 2018: In this video we look at multiple different still images of this strange large orange object ascending up from the horizon near Ecuador in a wide variety of filters. These…

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Find then here…all QAnon posts ~ March 7, 2018

My long deceased husband was a metallurgist for a local steel company…before they shut down in the early ’80’s. I’ve seen the inside of an active steel mill, it’s a bit hellish, but the jobs paid well. We need to have our own American steel made here in the USA, once again so our homegrown industries will thrive. Think military hardware, boats, trains, autos and trucks… and buildings, bridges, railroad ties, and other bits and pieces of infrastructure.


I don’t have the time to go to the 4-Chan or 8-Chan board to find the latest “Q” drops, or the Anon posts made in response. But I have found a nifty way to track there posts. Mind you, there are no explanation’s of these posts (you’ll have to rely on many YouTube channels for that), but this is a good and easy way to learn the latest from “Q”.

I will show all posts made thus far below, but you may want to use this web address to find these in the future: This will make your personal investigations much easier!

So…please look through the “Q”/Anon messages thus far, learn all you can as Earth’s narrative continues, isn’t this a grand time to be alive in?, “and…


#internetbillofrights Q
SEC Test 2 Q
SEC Test 1…

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More Questions Than Answers: The Sacred And Necessary Journey Through 4D Into 5D Consciousness

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Painting: ‘Unknown Terrain’ by Andrew Hem

by Kalayna Colibri

As we continue to move through 4D and find our way into 5D reality here on Gaia, there are so many more questions than answers, and there is a knowingness inside that hindsight truly is 20/20… meaning, sometimes we don’t and can’t know exactly what’s going on or where we’re heading until we’ve gotten there. There is a surmounting, ever-unfolding journey we are undertaking, fraught with mystery and entwined with conundrums. You find and claim one answer after another, only to ’round another corner and find another existential crisis awaits…

This is the experience of parts of us on this Ascension path. This is the experience within our Metasoul too and perhaps especially since there is so much karma held there, so many stories of other timelines and even galaxies and the happenings there. What is felt and experienced to be…

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Going Yin: Writing A New Constitution From Within

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

So much unhealed masculine taking front stage in the collective. Maybe no more or less than in the past. It is just becoming so obvious in all the geopolitical rhetoric and turmoil. The Right vs. The Wrong. The Ahead vs. The Left Behind. The Truth vs. The Fake. It is wreaking its own havoc in the emotional and spiritual bodies of all that participate. I used to be so deeply involved in the daily mill of the Info Wars. I used to listen to talk radio programs that would send out a barrage of rage and abomination. I would end my days in my own swirl of undigested fear and anger.

This could have only happened because it reflected something in me. I was attracted to the war which parts of me were waging inside. In my disgust of all things political, there was the same disgust going on in…

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The Next Moment Is A Blank Slate

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

Today, like any next moment, is a blank slate.

There is the momentum of your beliefs and values rolling like a train down a well worn track inside of you, held in place by parts of you, that will fill that blank slate if you allow it to, but prior to any moment, the next moment, in its essence is always a blank slate.

Because we are so accustomed to every arising moment being spoken for by this massive freight train of our beliefs and feelings and its seemingly unstoppable inertia, we lose sight of the blank slate and its potential, accepting instead the all-too-familiar manhandling of these agents of some bureaucratic moment-killing agency; in this case, the very beliefs and values that we adopted along the way in the name of fitting in.

Life from then on becomes largely a ‘just what is’ kind of reality…

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Spring Equinox Energy Wave

Deus Nexus

Simon Parkes, The EVENT, Light Waves and Electromagnetic Waves

Source:Focus Sessions| By Lynn

Q. Lynn I just heard Simon Parkes talk about the next large energy light wave coming. He says it’s very soon and that it will consist of two waves actually. The first is an electromagnetic wave that may hinder or knock out some cell or landline service, followed by a light wave generated by Source, coming from our galactic center. This wave will be different than previous waves in that instead of lingering for hours, allowing us to adjust to it, this one will be strong and short. He says because of this action, it will cause everyone to feel really fatigued, and that those in hardcore 3D negativity, etc., will not be able to transmute this.

My question is, when do you see this coming, now that we are very close to it (I…

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Master El Morya via Natalie Glasson: Three Ways to Accelerate Your Ascension This Year By Paul Backes

We Signed Up For This

Audio version.Video version.

Greetings, I am Master El Morya, the Chohan and overseer of the First Ray of Light. It is my purpose to oversee and activate within others the Creator’s qualities of wisdom, divine will, power, courage and action. It is my purpose to assist and encourage all to exist as the divine will of the Creator.

In times of change, transformation and awakening, the First Ray qualities are required to create inner stability, security and empowerment.

With the First Ray of Light, you learn to once more understand the Creator and the presence of the Creator within your being and reality. Acknowledging the divine inspiration that flows from your being, the reason and purpose for your actions and the actions of others, as well as the greater picture of ascension for the Earth and beyond.

The First Ray of Light assists you in understanding how the divine…

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SHEKINA ROSE – Energy Update – Integrating, Settling of Frequency Holders – Transition to the New Earth – 3-7-18 – by Saint Andrew’s Twin Flame – by Love Has Won

Higher Density Blog

Posted by spiritlibrary

By Shekina Rose

Many of the new forerunners frequency holders of the New Earth continue to allow the incoming sacred frequency to settle and anchor. You may be feeling and sensing new information, insights and pathways about your purpose, Galactic mission, origins and spiritual gifts.

There is a renewal of inspiration for a new direction for you to share and express your unique gifts of the Creator. You are being given signs, signals and affirmations that you are part of something greater—a Divine Plan—where an enhanced support field for your reason for being here on the planet is increasing connection with your divine inner power and spirit guides.

Timeline Shift: A Choice to Make

Some may be experiencing shifts in the timeline where there is a sudden lag as if time has stopped for half a moment though in that lapse you expand out of time to interdimensional space. This is where you sense an increase in…

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