The Obama Alien Invasion: Full Disclosure

Here’s some background on the issue of illegal immigrants, DACA and the so-called Dreamers… for those who still believe Obama is a “good-guy”. Plunge into that denial, that cognitive dissonance, but know that there are 25 million illegals now present in the U.S. thanks to Obama’s illegal actions at POTUS. He is and has been a TRAITOR to this country.

American Intelligence Media

ALien Invasion final

In this brief audio (click here), Betsy and Thomas review the citizens intelligence report below and remind Americans of the importance of circulating this information to other citizens and to your elected representatives, especially members of Congress which is the branch of government given authority over immigration policy.


DAPA + DACA = Obama’s Alien Invasion 

Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion of America

While you were being distracted with legend and lore of alien invasions from different worlds, the real alien invasion was being conducted by Barack Obama and his unlawful alien invasion of illegal foot soldiers and voters of the Globalists (which includes many GOPers) and Democratic Party.

We were under invasion by aliens for eight long years and their leader was Barack Obama. Just like Angela Merkel “invited” an invasion of Europe, so, too, Obama sent a message out to the world – “If you can get to…

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