LISA RENEE – Time Shift Blog – Wiping Consciousness Memories – 3-5-18

Higher Density Blog


So to help us to understand this concept better, because I know it’s definitely a mind bender, we should discuss a little bit more about what consciousness is. To bring this back into present awareness, that consciousness is the intelligent energy of our accumulated memories, that are recorded in our personal life stream, but also in the collective consciousness instruction set. That would be the species memory that we are apart, and the morphogenetic field. That is the DNA and genetic arrangement of that species, and this together organizes itself. You have to think of it as a content as a consciousness, as an energy, an intelligent energy. This organizes itself into timelines and the timelines are arranged in the parallel universe, in our local universe, and then it drills down into collective fields of energy that finally result in our own personal consciousness timeline.

So a part…

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