Juliano the Arcturian via Sanangel, March 4th, 2018

We Signed Up For This

   Per Staffan March 5, 2018    Arcturians (channeled messages)

   Hello Everybody, it is I, Juliano, who speaks.

I am very happy to finally get to share this with you. What I will talk about today is energy work. As you know everything consists of        energy, but   today we will focus on a special sort of energy – Energy structures   created by yourselves. All your thoughts create behavior patterns and  feelings, which also creates its own energy structure. For example you might have a behavior pattern of thoughts and feelings connected with jealousy. This behavior pattern has its own energy structure, its own energy signature. San most often speaks of this with a pool as a metaphor. So, I will ask her to explain her way to understand this.

San: Thanks Juliano, I will try.

When I received the information about energy structures I thought it was easier to understand the concept …

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