A New Era of Awareness ~ March 5, 2018

I happen to agree that many lightworkers seem to think that someone else will solve their problems, that they do not have to do any of the work, that the positive Galactics will clean up the Earth and so on. It is an assumption on the part of people who feel entitled to be given whatever it is that they demand of Creation while forgetting that they are still part of that same Creation. Well, it will all get sorted out in the wash, as the Cosmic Rays continue to bombard these shores. Some will leave, others will stay. And who is to know which destination will be their own? Best thing is to keep centered, calm and in your own sacred Heart space, to follow your own intuition and guidance, to do right by your friends and neighbors even if they shun you for they will because of the Light you carry. Release the fear and live in Hope and all will be well.


This is a great article, designed to have one scratch one’s head and think for just a moment. Many in the “spiritual movement” are so very “tired” of waiting for “The Event” to roll around because they see this as a lifeboat of sorts that will solve all their problems.

I differ a bit because I DO believe this moment of “the Event” will soon over-wash the Earth with a vibrational light show designed to open the hearts and minds of many. However, this will NOT bring instant gratification to anyone, as gratification is unique to the individual and their heart!

No one know and you can read this article in the meantime, ponder on the state of your heart, and…


An Era That WE Are Creating

Jerry and I have been super busy creating our reality, lately, so neither of us has had time to write much.  This…

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