SOPHIA LOVE – THE EVENT – A Beautiful Mess – 3-1-18

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It is clear that we are approaching a point. Whether it is an end or a beginning matters
little in a circle. We move steadily towards a moment.  Simultaneously recognized, yet
personally perceived, this upcoming event thus begins our aggressive march towards
what has been called “The Ascension”.

What I know about it has been shared in other posts and videos, as well as below
(See Alison Coe’s video). These are all points of view and bits of information shared
by other aspects; aspects with a broader view than we hold as human beings in this
year of 2018. They are all worth considering. Yet, as always, your own discernment
is advised.

I am picking up an acceleration of human reaction as we get closer to this moment.
This shows up as extreme emotions, drama in relationships, new illnesses, old
illnesses – with humans in a general…

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