Flame-Tending: Who (and What) Feeds Your Flame?

Sophia's Children

It’s a fine time, with a change of season opening — that “in-between seasons” season — to check in with the Divine Spark, the inner flame, the vision-seeds germinating under the surface, wanting to be showered with nourishment and attention.

It’s always a fine time to stir heart and creativity with those transformative questions, affirmative inquiry … “loving the questions themselves” as the wise poet, Rilke, wrote in his letters to a young poet.

Good questions make a big difference in what gets stirred alive, what embers get fanned into flame (fear, or love and creativity and inspiration?).

What has heart, joy and meaning? What really stirs your heart — mine and yours? As the U.S. actor, producer, and comedian Will Smith asks in his video message, “Who feeds your flame?” … and what feeds your (our) flame?

With days and weeks that seem to speed by, filled with…

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