A Gift to Heart and Mind–The Arcturians Through Sue Lie

We Signed Up For This

FEBRUARY 28, 2018 AT 6:33 PM

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The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Dear Grounded Ones,

We, the Arcturians, are sending to our Grounding Ones, this message about “Remembering your OWN Inter-dimensional SELF.” We have also included a list of questions that we hope will assist you to better REMEMBER YOUR TRUE, GALACTIC SELF…

WE ARE the Masters of our Minds

And the Servants to our bodies

WE ARE among the “ONES” who came

to heal the planet Gaia

Gaia knows that we have come

To help Her with Her process

As we assist Her with our Love

She guides us towards Ascension

We, the humans, share with Gaia

Her Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

We also follow Her 4D Flow

To guide us Home each night

While our body sleeps, our Soul awakes

And we remember…

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