White House Starts Military Tribunal Awareness Month with a Bang

American Intelligence Media

Court Martial Amendment


March talking points“What does this amendment mean?” Betsy Bulldog asks Tom Cat



MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why they are necessary to prosecute Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps?

“A vast litany of crimes has been committed by Deep State against the American people spanning many decades.  Egregious crimes have also been perpetrated against foreign nations in the name of the American people and with our tax dollars.  Were all the heinous wrongdoings to be made public, the body politic would go into the state of collective and incapacitating shock.

The United States of American has been ruled by a criminal cabal of incorrigible and clinically insane psychopaths (read: “Psychopathocracy”) over the course of several administrations. The nation can no longer tolerate the profound damage and extensive destruction inflicted on every sphere of life. Because the country has hit the proverbial wall…

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