Virgo Full Moon, March 2018 ~ The Beginning of an 8-Day Wave of Revelation and Blessing ~ March 2, 2018


I find this to be the BEST article I have read on the Full Moon in Virgo in the sign of Pisces! Such good and informative message that I certainly enjoyed…I think you will as well. So…please read this article, know that what you feel at this time is special beyond words, and…


By Marcia, Sister Star Astrology 

Hello, Beautiful,

Within you and around you, our beautiful Luna is ripening in Virgo, the ancient and timeless sign of the Virgin Goddess. Two weeks after she eclipsed the Aquarius Sun, she’s ready now to reveal what’s been happening, far beneath the surface of your life. The re-set she brought to the most breakthrough-friendly part of your birth chart — the house where you have the sign of Aquarius, and the planets who guide and occupy it 

— is now ready for prime time. It’s the big reveal, and this month…

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