He Awaits You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The new Heavenletters are teaching you to be neutral. Being neutral is the same as not taking things personally.

But there is one thing to take personally, and that is I. Yes, take Me personally.

When you are rapt with Me, you are incapable of taking personally the whims and idlings of the world. Absorbed in My love, you are above smallness. Your very closeness with Me gives you great vision and great strength. Your gentle state of awareness of Me cushions you from pretense of attack. Attack is always pretense. Absorbed in Me, you are soft white cotton, fresh from its pod. You have abandoned brittleness. The softness of you cannot be shattered.

Being neutral is the same as being without agenda. Being neutral is being in the present, and the present has no agenda. Agendas come from the past or perhaps future, but future based on…

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