Are The American People Being Played? If So This Will Not End Well – Episode 1511b

No, the situation will not end well…for the actors within the secret gov’t and Deep State, as people continue to wake up and become aware of the incessant manipulations, propaganda, threats and false flags that have been perpetrated upon them.


Isn’t this all getting rather interesting? The dark forces on Earth and giving it their ALL, yet human life will go on because humanity Loves life! This means that all of the dire “events” that capture our attention lose their steam fairly quickly as the truth of the matter becomes known.

Let’s remember that X22 is NOT aware of how spirituality plays into this game. Love IS the strongest force in the Universe and will win this game due to the vibrational threshold being reached that has successfully raised the vibration of humanity on Earth. That’s all that is required folks; “enough” people NOW recognize their own personal divinity and are able to infuse Love into our environment.

The result? A large scale tsunami of glad tidings and great joy (sound familiar?) will wash over the Earth affecting everything in a positive manner. So…Please listen to X22 who portrays the…

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