White House Starts Military Tribunal Awareness Month with a Bang

American Intelligence Media

Court Martial Amendment


March talking points“What does this amendment mean?” Betsy Bulldog asks Tom Cat



MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why they are necessary to prosecute Deep State criminals, rogue Intel & SS agents and Shadow Government perps?

“A vast litany of crimes has been committed by Deep State against the American people spanning many decades.  Egregious crimes have also been perpetrated against foreign nations in the name of the American people and with our tax dollars.  Were all the heinous wrongdoings to be made public, the body politic would go into the state of collective and incapacitating shock.

The United States of American has been ruled by a criminal cabal of incorrigible and clinically insane psychopaths (read: “Psychopathocracy”) over the course of several administrations. The nation can no longer tolerate the profound damage and extensive destruction inflicted on every sphere of life. Because the country has hit the proverbial wall…

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Message from the Arcturian Council 11° Portal Opens


Message from the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

This is a message for those who resonate with our truth. We are here in peace. We bring news of the sky war and the sea war. We speak of battles unseen by most of humanity, yet occurring as we speak in Earth’s skies and her oceans. Technology advanced beyond most people’s concept, we speak of a war for the souls of the people of Gaia. We understand that many difficult times lie ahead, challenges that will draw out the truth, humanities purpose in the cosmos. We want to give you hope, news of timelines of manifestation, of the Great Shift, a rare event.

We are recognising the heavy energy many of our lightworkers are mired in currently. There is a great deal of synthetic and static and corrosive energies. The elite, as you call them, the Annunaki, the reptilian overlords, are using…

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The Secrets of the Ethers – Ernst Marti’s The Etheric

Our Spirit

 By Douglas Gabriel, Author
The Eternal Ethers
Image: Louise Marquis Stirring the Ether 2011


“Etheric forces, working in fourfold collaboration, are the true forces of life.” – Ernst Marti, The Four Ethers

In my recent studies of the etheric realm in preparation for the publishing of The Eternal Ethers, a most valuable resource was not available to me. A second volume on the ethers by Ernst Marti became available in 2017, after The Eternal Ethers went to press. The second book, The Etheric: Broadening Science through Anthroposophy – Volume 1: The World of the Ethers by Ernst Marti, Translated by Paul King, Temple Lodge Publishing, 2017, brought new insights and beautiful descriptions of the ethers that had not been included in his first book.

There is even a Volume 2 in the works that will address the etheric formative forces found throughout the world. Ernst Marti was…

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The Angels via Ann Albers, March 3d, 2018

We Signed Up For This

Per Staffan March 3, 2018

Ann Albers (channeled messages)

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today we’d like to speak to you on the subject of false fear. With very few exceptions, nearly everyone upon your planet earth has been infected by it. Without exception you’d be much happier without it.

Fear wasn’t intended to be a problem. It was designed to help your biology react to a threat that could harm it.It wasn’t originally an emotion as you experience it today. Instead it was a rush of physical signals, followed by an instinctual response. You fought or you fled depending on the danger at hand. When you were out of danger, the signals of fear immediately subsided.

Fear has been fed however, by energies in the universe and by souls upon your earth who have forgotten their connection with the…

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THE EARTH PLAN – Collapsing Patriarchy – Birth a New Earth – by Meg Benedicte – 3-2-18

Higher Density Blog

Source: New Earth Central

As we travel through the corridors of time in the dismantling of past enslavement programs, we come across prevalent operating systems of control. Some operate in the background of our personal lives, while others have a much bigger impact on global consciousness. These operating systems set the tone and power base for the collective. One of the dominant operating systems now collapsing is patriarchal rule.


In its simplest terms, patriarchy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. With the rise of the divine feminine, this operating system is no longer sustainable or tolerable. It is being pulled down, inch by inch, by modern society. When we step beyond gender roles, patriarchy rewards aggression, competition, entitlement and superiority. Anyone can adopt and adapt to patriarchal programming. We all were born into it.


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Collaborate with Us ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken the steps necessary to insure that humanity is not interfered with along your path of ascension. We have acted, so to speak, together with many other beings and councils from across dimensions, and galaxies even, to guarantee that you would have the opportunity to ascend.

Now, as you discover that you are working with us, it will become easier and easier for you to take advantage of our generosity, and our interest in your evolution. You can begin to see us as parts of you and extensions of you, rather than as beings who are up there, out there, somewhere, far, far away.

And as we begin to work together more as a team, as a collective, we will be assisting you in ways that you could not even possibly imagine at…

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He Awaits You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

The new Heavenletters are teaching you to be neutral. Being neutral is the same as not taking things personally.

But there is one thing to take personally, and that is I. Yes, take Me personally.

When you are rapt with Me, you are incapable of taking personally the whims and idlings of the world. Absorbed in My love, you are above smallness. Your very closeness with Me gives you great vision and great strength. Your gentle state of awareness of Me cushions you from pretense of attack. Attack is always pretense. Absorbed in Me, you are soft white cotton, fresh from its pod. You have abandoned brittleness. The softness of you cannot be shattered.

Being neutral is the same as being without agenda. Being neutral is being in the present, and the present has no agenda. Agendas come from the past or perhaps future, but future based on…

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