The People’s response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community – Military Tribunals

Patriots for Truth

The American Intelligence Media news platform consists of hundreds of independent news platforms that connect to one another in a decentralized manner that can scale designated messaging globally in minutes. From contributors like Americans for Innovation who have constructed a comprehensive CRIMELINE to indie Steemit, Reddit, and WordPress bloggers and Dtubers who push out truth news every day, we have something for anyone who is addicted to truth.

The truth community is now engaged in educating and preparing its readers and viewers about military tribunals. State of the Nation and the Millennium Report offer these excellent articles below to fan out to your network of truth seekers. Please feel free to post this full article compilation or select articles that resonate with your community.

Be creative in expressing your message about military tribunals. Use your special talents in creating messages for your audience that speaks to them, whether they are…

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